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Losing tracks

Losing tracks

As entrepreneurs, losing tracks or nuts happens to most of us once in a while but on a very regular basis. I must say I’m gifted in this peculiar sphere of the home business entrepreneur lifestyle.  I just caught myself in a totally locked and loaded state of mind about productive tools I don’t really need right now. Do you see what I mean?
I’m building a brand new community of people willing to feel happier healthier and unstuck, ready to give back, share their love and design better lifestyles. There are 2 or 3 productive tools I’m using to make that happen:

CoSchedule to manage and support the content I want to share on my blogs and on social media. As a matter of fact I’m saving a tone of time with CoSchedule and I’m just scratching the surface.  I can schedule and structure easily my content  Invite partners to write and be part of a team. Mix media contents, control the quality of titles and have a quick look on the analytics.

Mailchimp for the automation of my blog’s releases, of my newsletters to my new clients and partners, and to manage the opt-in offers. I also use ASANA tasks planner to stay focused on my daily planning. Surely I’m building a website and I will SEO my way in with the Google tools. For now, I do not need any of the absolutely incredible power apps to help me out. I am building a community, simple and clear. I want to use smart automation tools to welcome the newbies in my world. That’s it. I want to follow up with my people and friends and serve them to the best of knowledge.

Losing sight of our very basic needs is so easy.

Here is the unrated version. I was already there. Not here. Over there. It’s good to be in the vision, to see the magnificent results and the better life we are creating except when it becomes a sneaky overwhelming storm of hidden emotions out of control from the inside out. Yeap I just wrote that. Rest assured I am a nutcase with a plan and I am not crazier than the average entrepreneurs climbing their upper limits on their knees if they have to. I’m escaping reality once in a while but on a very regular basis. The primordial lesson is learning to head back to the arena, no matter what.

Getting back on track is a national sport in the entrepreneurial arena.

Locked and loaded on productivity tools or anything else and meanwhile in the background of our mind, there is a tiny tiny tiny voice trying to take the stand and speak out about a lack of sleep, a lack of meditation time, a serious rebuff about taking the day off, cleaning the house, going for a walk and feeling the whole Mood unwinding. Why do we do that to ourselves?



’’When you appreciate yourself, you realize that you don’t have to feel wretched or condemned. You don’t have to artificially puff yourself up, either. You discover your basic dignity, which comes along with gentleness. You have always possessed this, but you may never have recognized it before.’’
Teachings by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche by Shambhala Publications.

Is this reflecting on you ? Are you smiling ? I hope so.

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  1. Fantastic, your making a very profound statement… and i like the feel of this blog ,because it reaches me
    and connect with many of my own reality’s..

    I feel that gentleness and kindness towards our self’s is as important as that onto other’s..!!

    These tool’s you talk about are not for your average Joe… though ..i cried during the song… I guess I’m part of those who dream’s in my own way that the world could be a much better place for every one ..if we could spread a universal love to all men and women of the world..

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