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How to feel good, crazy, unreasonable and brave

How to feel good, crazy, unreasonable and brave

Isn’t true that we all want to feel good, crazy, unreasonable and brave ?  You don’t think so? Let me prove you wrong.  You want to feel amazing but you won’t remember how…meaning you don’t have time to think about this, you’re way too busy struggling with the ends of the months,  you feel tired when you wake up, never feeling top shape ? Am I closer to your truth ?  You want to feel free but you don’t believe it is allowed nor possible ?  Why is that?  Do you believe that feeling amazing and free to live the lifestyle you want has a cost ? Do you believe that feeling good about what you do every single day of your life is unattainable ? I was thinking exactly the same 5  years ago but I changed my mind about my self and about who I really wanted to feel like every day.

How to feel good, crazy, unreasonable and brave is quite surprising.

Here  it is plain and simple. You have to be YOU.  Simply being you every day is what makes you feel alive. Now am I suggesting that we all leave our day jobs ? Sell everything we own and abandon our responsibilities and  our commitments to others ?  No I am not. I’m saying it is possible to create one day at the time the lifestyle we really crave for.

A good friend of mine got me on that path 12 years ago, as I was whining my guts out about how the world was unfair, how society sucked and how much of a victim I was in all of this; that day, Mimi  disrupted my mindset by cutting me off with a smile and saying:  I live the life I lead and I lead the life I live.

To this day I remember how strange that felt. From that point in my life,  I knew there was a cost attached to not being the best version of my self  everyday. The price was anger, self pity, victimization, powerlessness.

Sure it took me some time and commitment to change my mindset,  to focus solely on my destination, to lead my life with faith in the midst of the detours on the itinerary I designed.

It is worthwhile. I learned to feel good about the life I choose, to be crazy enough to change my mind, to be unreasonable and follow my intuitions and finally to feel  brave enough to keep my grounds in adversity.

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