Human quantum – Side the box

Human quantum – Side the box

As I read a post from John Nicholas Stoodley in Google+, I felt a beautiful connection in between our words.  I could not resist the urge of jamming ideas with his readings. I see human quantum as a way to picture our unlimited possibilities. It gives us a kind of permission to step outside the box of the belief systems we were brought in.

By mixing a little modern biology and quantum physics in our questioning about faith, gods, and the purpose of our existence, we move our thinking to a peripheral view of what science recognizes. It allows us to step in the strange dimensions of the unnamed, unsaid or the unthought-of conceptions usually referred as spiritual or esoteric. But for now let’s call that new space of thinking Human Quantic because it serves our purpose.

For instance, let’s take the observer theory and the new DNA discovery as a (largely) simplified example of our unlimited possibilities. It seems that our human DNA has definitely the ability to re-organize matter at a very small level, like photons. Let’s daydream and imagine that human DNA is the operator of the observer effect; re-organizing matter. From that peripheral concept, DNA would be a “by default configuration system or a by default frequency” ready to be customized using the connection of the mind body and soul to modulate matter and reality as we feel it.

Then let’s introduce the disturbing idea that the communication skills of the human cells are not localized in one central point, meaning not only as a whole in the body. These researches established that one’s DNA stays connected to its body shell owner regardless of the distance in between them. It means that the particles we are made of are communicating all the time no matter their localization. We are not locked down in a specific space and time. Furthermore our DNA is responding instantly to stimuli with thousands of miles of separation.

Now, if this hypothesis is believable. If it was to be authenticated, tested and proven. Would it be possible for us to align ourselves with that powerful tool to change the world as we know it? The scientific spiritual answer is yes, we do have the inner ability to connect to each other, to create a network of people focussing on a specific feeling every day that is changing the world, Healing people, healing the world. It is called daydreaming or meditating or praying and its core feelings are powerful beyond what we conceive: Love, compassion empathy.

I wonder what we are waiting for to test drives these new possibilities of the human potential.



Sassy goals

Sassy goals

I love sassy goals, I love sassy missions.

I love to list my goals, more importantly I love to write down lists of actions. I select timeline, reachable tasks, sustainable efforts, some more measurable, some less measurable. I love putting down on paper the overflow of ideas clustered in my mind. It gives me a sense of importance and of clarity from which I can narrow down my sassy goals.  A couple years ago, I regularly pledge to get to the bottom of the to do list hanging on my board, nagging me. Some of these building business chores were holding me back; it was all new stuffs for me. Paralyzing me. Usually when I stayed too long in an unknown territory, the old belief system stating that ‘I’m not good enough’ grew some power over my self-confidence resulting in loosing the sassy effect. No sassy effect. No sassy goals.


I tried everything. I’ve put together vision boards, self-declarations and I planned the whole year ahead with 3 months goals representing milestones of my success. There was still something wrong. I was doing it by fueling from my own power and it was never enough. After a short time, I was done with the race, extenuated, so out of order. I was going through an internal power surge, not a breakdown, not a depression, not a burnout but I kept operating from my very rational intellectual conception of what I needed to do in order to succeed. It was not enough energy to take in a marathon like starting a flourishing business with purpose. There was no sassy goals, no fun to show up, just meaningless humdrums like the old days at the office.

I used to think procrastination as a defect, a lack of will or leadership, the proof of the missing piece separating brilliant successful people from the others.  I was right about one thing there was a missing piece: Me wholehearted 1, brave, courageous and willing to walk the extra miles to get out there. I discovered I was shy of my natural sassiness in the business field. I redefined out there again until I felt locked and loaded with delicious joyful bliss, until I felt like starting right now.  Then I realized my list of goals was more difficult to achieve than I thought and, there was too much to be done. Even if died  as a 135 years old healthy wise goddess, there was still not enough time to build all of that.

So, I went for not more than 3 sassy crazy achievable priorities for the next 12 months. I chunked each of them in smaller goals and I established milestones in order to stay the course. My oh! My goddess, once it’s done it sounds so easy and it feels empowering.

My three sassy goals fueled by purpose, passion, love and commitment are:

  1. Creating a healthy sparkling unstoppable network of builders of benevolence in 2016.
  2. Creating outstanding solid weekly residual incomes to share wealth, love and solidarity among all of us by August 18th.
  3. Creating hope, inner freedom and financial relief to support humanist organization give birth to their projects in a sustainable way.

Now, we all know it is all possible if I let go of the need to stick rigidly to the plan. The plan defines the final destination; the milestones are to stay the course. The weekly commitments and actions design the compound effect 2. The first step is to engage and execute on a daily basis to create commitments. No more questions ask. My true freedom is to be do be do who I choose to: a sassy successful coach, entrepreneur and blogger.

  1. Brené Brown wrote exceptional books about living wholehearted.
  2. Darren Hardy is the author of the book The Compound effect.



One business with an amazingly crazy purpose

One business with an amazingly crazy purpose


My business purpose does not share a standard business plan. A business with a purpose simply means that caring for others is the main reason for producing  profits and  incomes. I believe that by building a network of people willing to care for others with more urgent needs, we are changing the world.

We do so by building compassionate sustainable actions and by creating an unforgettable experience of oneness for the people we serve. I believe we need to feel good experiences to want better experiences.

We need a memory of goodwill for wanting to recreate goodwill, we need a memory of joyful benevolence to feel it is possible

We need to be part of the change.

Are you tired of falling short of energy?  Do you feel like your days are a never-ending short story? Would you love to wake up to a fresher mind? How about walking in your life with clarity about what you really want. These questions redefine my conception of freedom and the manifesto of the business I created.

Health triggers better judgement, better learning skills, better decision making and more compassionate people. To begin to change the world we need  all of these elements. Why? Because optimal healthy human beings agree to share their wealth as their mind bodies and spirits leave the survival mode. They honor their body with nourishing food, supplements free from chemicals hazards, and their body loves them back. Olympics athletes, World Tennis Player, Professional Climbers have this one thing in common: They already experienced this exhilarating relationship with their bodies. They know how amazing and resilient the human mind body and spirit can be. They say it changes ones perception of the world when they feel they can rely on such wonderful teammates, their healthy bodies. It is a huge transformation creating what is needed to operate changes.

This is the main reason I chose my affiliation with Usana Health Sciences. They give me an all stars customer services, a topnotch remuneration program on a week-to-week basis. Their products meet the pharmaceutical standards and are clinically proven 100% efficient. My partnership with them offers me the unique opportunity to share wellness, to change lives from the roots to the soul without any concerns about the quality or the efficiency. This is how I create residual incomes.

On the other hand, my coaching is about breaking free from the burden of everyday life. And I know how my freedom looks like; it looks just like me with a smile. My first epic goal is to support the creation of healthy minds bodies and luminous spirits for anybody who wants to live lightweight. Not lightly. Not trivial. Not scanty. Light weighted. With work and dedication, I coach from anywhere. We can meet in person or on the web. I am writing a book, composing new music and songs. I can serve the people with my gifts and share to the world my vision. I am seeking new partnerships to expand my reach as long as we share common values like integrity, benevolence for starter. Everything is possible. I love freedom with its infinite possibilities because your freedom looks like you with a smile.

My happiness results from helping others on their way to wellness and my definition of wellness is feeling astonishing almost all the time with myself. My happiness means sharing my wealth, coaching with positive psychological triggers, bringing joy and empowerment to the table. My roadmap to financial freedom includes blogging with openness, honesty, authenticity, different streams of residual incomes, building bridges between us and within us to resolve, reach and connect.

My Purpose

My livelihood comes from my purpose embedded in my heart and soul. It comes from my willingness to take part in a more fair rounded way of earning incomes and making small sustainable efforts to provide water, happiness, schools, gardening spaces, hugs and new homes for the orphans, shelter for the girls, teenagers or women wanting to change the hands they were dealt with.

My business plan is not a standard business plan. A business with a purpose simply means that caring for others is the main reason for producing  profits and  incomes. I believe that by building a network of people willing to care for others with needs more urgent, we are changing the world. We do so with compassionate sustainable actions and we create an unforgettable experience of oneness for the people we serve. I Believe we need to feel good experiences to want better experiences; we need a memory of goodwill for wanting to recreate goodwill. We need to be part of the change.

If we want things to change, it starts by becoming healthy, by sharing and by serving. By believing we are the change to come every single breath we take.


Daring the resistance

Daring the resistance

I woke up in a very tired mood. No wonder, I got to bed with a to do list and woke up with an even bigger to do list. Feeling busy? Feeling overwhelmed? Are you losing it too? I know we prefer not to talk about these mornings and awful nights. We chose to be entrepreneur, to be successful, to feel the freedom, to show how it is possible to change the world, our lifestyle, to have a plan and I surely want  to stick to the plan.

This morning, I was literally fighting to open my eyes. They were closed, shut, I was in a locked down. A voice from within was advocating fiercely for an extended stay in bed. Another part of me was silently witnessing the takeover.  I swear my body has a mind of itself; it is clear. I concluded that somehow, my body is not always choosing me as the main pilot of the vessel. Does that make any sense to you?

I feel a resistance to change.

Isn’t it funny how we get the second role on the same day we set as the first day of our new life? How resistances are building up like sneaky gremlins ready to start a party as soon as we dare to think of implementing the fantastic daily plan we structured with such care?

Yes, today is Day 1. I will not deny myself of my first day. However it unwinds, it is mine and for me to keep.

I am supposed to embody a new self with brand new sets of rules especially designed to create more discipline and more productivity in my new entrepreneurial life. As I am writing this in a foreign language, several points come to my attention. I am writing a blog about my experiences.  I laugh about it because there is nothing else to do but accepting what is really going on.  I truly believe I will meditate, exercise yoga, do the sacred things to bring me up to speed to success another morning.

As to which morning, it has to be kept secret to elude the gremlins. They sabotage, they resist and they do not believe I should be the winning team. Can you believe they did all of that on my behalf? In one morning? Taking advantage of my sleepy mind?

Do you have your own clan of gremlins? How do you keep them in check?