Human quantum – Side the box

Human quantum – Side the box

As I read a post from John Nicholas Stoodley in Google+, I felt a beautiful connection in between our words.  I could not resist the urge of jamming ideas with his readings. I see human quantum as a way to picture our unlimited possibilities. It gives us a kind of permission to step outside the box of the belief systems we were brought in.

By mixing a little modern biology and quantum physics in our questioning about faith, gods, and the purpose of our existence, we move our thinking to a peripheral view of what science recognizes. It allows us to step in the strange dimensions of the unnamed, unsaid or the unthought-of conceptions usually referred as spiritual or esoteric. But for now let’s call that new space of thinking Human Quantic because it serves our purpose.

For instance, let’s take the observer theory and the new DNA discovery as a (largely) simplified example of our unlimited possibilities. It seems that our human DNA has definitely the ability to re-organize matter at a very small level, like photons. Let’s daydream and imagine that human DNA is the operator of the observer effect; re-organizing matter. From that peripheral concept, DNA would be a “by default configuration system or a by default frequency” ready to be customized using the connection of the mind body and soul to modulate matter and reality as we feel it.

Then let’s introduce the disturbing idea that the communication skills of the human cells are not localized in one central point, meaning not only as a whole in the body. These researches established that one’s DNA stays connected to its body shell owner regardless of the distance in between them. It means that the particles we are made of are communicating all the time no matter their localization. We are not locked down in a specific space and time. Furthermore our DNA is responding instantly to stimuli with thousands of miles of separation.

Now, if this hypothesis is believable. If it was to be authenticated, tested and proven. Would it be possible for us to align ourselves with that powerful tool to change the world as we know it? The scientific spiritual answer is yes, we do have the inner ability to connect to each other, to create a network of people focussing on a specific feeling every day that is changing the world, Healing people, healing the world. It is called daydreaming or meditating or praying and its core feelings are powerful beyond what we conceive: Love, compassion empathy.

I wonder what we are waiting for to test drives these new possibilities of the human potential.



To click or not to click!

To click or not to click!

Happy Sunday!

Last Thursday, I searched for a way to optimize my site in order to speed up the loading of the landing page. I used the recommended plugins WP Optimize, and W3 Total Cache in the free version but something happened. Once installed, the W3 Total Cache created several problems,one of them was compliance with my theme from Headway.  There was a warning about the cache of the theme. An option was presented to empty that cache in order to solve the issue.

Click or not to click? Tic Tac! Tic Tac! Click or not to click? Faith or fear? I clicked. Wrong click…500 errors … Hum, I called the support from my host service; 30 minutes later they corrected the issue in the htaccess file. What a relief I was okay! Got back to optimizing the cache but there was another issue. Click or not to click? Tic Tac! Tic Tac! Click or not to click? Faith or fear? Faith or fear? I clicked. Boom 404 errors. The pages of the site are missing… Hum, called the support from my host service; 30 minutes later they corrected the issue in the htaccess file again and corrected other stuff I can’t even begin to name.

I asked:  what was the problem? The plugin I asked candidly? May be, he said; try the Wp Super Cache it may works better. Hum, I said, thank you.

As a beginner in the webmaster arena sometimes I want answers but I don’t really know what to ask. Most of this vocabulary  still feels like encryption to my brain. No wonder most of times it feels like going on a secret mission to be revealed only on a-need-to-know-basis.

The speed test of the website is okay computer wise; the visitors experience hits a high score. The downloading experience could be faster but for now it is Sunday. I was out of the office on Friday and Saturday, I left the website snoring a bit but uploading. This unsolved issue is still bugging me a bit. Today I don’t feel like trying new stuff. Today I want the optimizing images plugins and the super cache tricks to work like a microwave. Do you get that?



Find who you are

Find who you are

In the home business world, keeping our focus on the desired outcomes is the first most vital ability we need to harvest. Until it becomes a well anchored skill, most of us struggle with prioritizing actions on a daily basis mainly because starting a home business commands also a whole new sets of values, habits and actions. It’s all new; it’s all good and scary. Everything is urgent and we hear a lot about finding a sense of urgency to hustle better, to want more, to do to do to do to do. But, one of the scariest parts comes from not knowing ourselves deeply enough. In order to stay the course, we need to rectify our actions and to keep following what makes us powerful beyond measure: Our values. I know it’s going back to the basics but values help us find who we are.

A few months ago I read Johnathan Fields blog. The topic was about narrowing down the reasons why we choose the home business lifestyle or why we choose to become entrepreneur ? Or why do we want do be all of that and save the world ?

To find out what does really motivate that decision helps connect the dots to have a stronger vision. I know it has been said over and over but it’s always about the angle we look at that kind of stuff that makes the difference.  I love this set of questions for its simple to the point approach, pursuing the real dominion of our hearts and souls as humans beings not productivity machines.

Here are the not so easy questions to answer that makes us feel more connected to ourselves.

  • What do I care about?
    What do I hold sacred, both in business and life?
    What lights me up. What would I work hard to do for free?
  • What empties me out, emotionally, psychologically and physically?
    Who do I want to serve?
    Do I care more about serving or building?
  • What do I value on a non-negotiable level?
    What am I great at?
    What am I terrible at?
    How do I want to spend each day?. How do I want to live my life?

You can read more from Good life project  – 11 questions here.

If you want to change your lifestyle, feel the luxury of being your true self; if you are ready to modify your income set-up to gain more freedom with your family, work, recreation and others occupations. Step one: easy does it. Send me an email. Let’s find a moment to talk over the phone or hangout on internet, let’s connect. From there we will figure out what’s next for you,  you will figure it out and than we will work on that together.


Sassy goals

Sassy goals

I love sassy goals, I love sassy missions.

I love to list my goals, more importantly I love to write down lists of actions. I select timeline, reachable tasks, sustainable efforts, some more measurable, some less measurable. I love putting down on paper the overflow of ideas clustered in my mind. It gives me a sense of importance and of clarity from which I can narrow down my sassy goals.  A couple years ago, I regularly pledge to get to the bottom of the to do list hanging on my board, nagging me. Some of these building business chores were holding me back; it was all new stuffs for me. Paralyzing me. Usually when I stayed too long in an unknown territory, the old belief system stating that ‘I’m not good enough’ grew some power over my self-confidence resulting in loosing the sassy effect. No sassy effect. No sassy goals.


I tried everything. I’ve put together vision boards, self-declarations and I planned the whole year ahead with 3 months goals representing milestones of my success. There was still something wrong. I was doing it by fueling from my own power and it was never enough. After a short time, I was done with the race, extenuated, so out of order. I was going through an internal power surge, not a breakdown, not a depression, not a burnout but I kept operating from my very rational intellectual conception of what I needed to do in order to succeed. It was not enough energy to take in a marathon like starting a flourishing business with purpose. There was no sassy goals, no fun to show up, just meaningless humdrums like the old days at the office.

I used to think procrastination as a defect, a lack of will or leadership, the proof of the missing piece separating brilliant successful people from the others.  I was right about one thing there was a missing piece: Me wholehearted 1, brave, courageous and willing to walk the extra miles to get out there. I discovered I was shy of my natural sassiness in the business field. I redefined out there again until I felt locked and loaded with delicious joyful bliss, until I felt like starting right now.  Then I realized my list of goals was more difficult to achieve than I thought and, there was too much to be done. Even if died  as a 135 years old healthy wise goddess, there was still not enough time to build all of that.

So, I went for not more than 3 sassy crazy achievable priorities for the next 12 months. I chunked each of them in smaller goals and I established milestones in order to stay the course. My oh! My goddess, once it’s done it sounds so easy and it feels empowering.

My three sassy goals fueled by purpose, passion, love and commitment are:

  1. Creating a healthy sparkling unstoppable network of builders of benevolence in 2016.
  2. Creating outstanding solid weekly residual incomes to share wealth, love and solidarity among all of us by August 18th.
  3. Creating hope, inner freedom and financial relief to support humanist organization give birth to their projects in a sustainable way.

Now, we all know it is all possible if I let go of the need to stick rigidly to the plan. The plan defines the final destination; the milestones are to stay the course. The weekly commitments and actions design the compound effect 2. The first step is to engage and execute on a daily basis to create commitments. No more questions ask. My true freedom is to be do be do who I choose to: a sassy successful coach, entrepreneur and blogger.

  1. Brené Brown wrote exceptional books about living wholehearted.
  2. Darren Hardy is the author of the book The Compound effect.